Driver comfort and safety come standard.

Our spacious cab puts the driver first by providing nearly 38% more space compared to the industry average. Combined with a flexible-designed interior, low 15″ step, direct visibility, active safety systems and streamlined controls, it’s an optimal workspace for drivers.

More interior room

The fully integrated design of the cab puts the driver first with 38% more space compared to a traditional cab. This promotes driver alertness, boosts comfort and makes it easy to operate. Plus, it’s a nice bonus to attract and retain top talent.

Low 15" step height

With a step height that’s 2″ lower than industry standard, drivers can easily board and exit from the street or curbside. Making a hard day’s work a little easier and contributing to reduced risk of injury on the job.

Elevated driver workspace

Drivers come in all shapes and sizes. That’s why our design and placement of the pedals, tilt and telescoping steering wheel, along with integrated controls and temperature-controlled seating, were purpose-built to accommodate any person from 4′ 11″ to 6′ 2.”

Direct visibility

Direct visibility from the cab achieves the highest 5-star rating for Direct Vision Standard. Helping drivers see obstacles and minimize potential incidents along the way.

Advanced driver-assistance system

Fully installed at the factory and standard on every McNeilus Volterra ZSL electric refuse vehicle, this integrated system includes blind-spot monitoring, 360° camera view, forward and rear collision notification, park assist, backup camera, rear cross traffic assist, lane departure warning and advanced emergency braking.

Driver instrument panel display

The 12.3″ digital gauge cluster display keeps the driver informed with speed, odometer, battery regeneration, tire pressure, indicator lights, 360° camera images and more.

Center console display

The customizable 15″ center touchscreen display streamlines driver controls—HVAC, lights, cameras, mirrors and more. This helps to minimize distractionsand make operation intuitive for enhanced driver awareness.

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