Oshkosh Fully Integrated Electric Refuse Collection Vehicle Makes its Public Debut at Waste Expo

Oshkosh Fully Integrated Electric Refuse Collection Vehicle
Makes its Public Debut at Waste Expo
Attendees will see the driver-first design, intelligent integration and
other game-changing benefits in McNeilus booth #2429

New Orleans, La. (May 1, 2023) – McNeilus Truck and Manufacturing Inc., together with parent company Oshkosh Corporation, are providing visitors to Waste Expo 2023 a live look at North America’s first fully integrated, zero-emission electric refuse collection vehicle (eRCV). McNeilus booth #2429 will showcase this purpose-built eRCV, incorporating technological advancements to deliver game-changing advantages in driver comfort and safety, total cost of ownership (TCO), performance and productivity, serviceability and sustainability.

This vehicle is built from the ground up by Oshkosh Corporation, developed with technologies and design features that are protected by more than 50 patents and patent applications. These eRCV innovations are the latest in a rapidly-growing family of electric refuse technologies, which are collectively protected by more than 100 patents and patent applications.

“Bringing together Oshkosh’s experience in severe duty vehicle innovation and McNeilus expertise in refuse collection vehicle bodies, this new product platform will provide the best driver, technician and owner experience,” said Lee Dreas, vice president and general manager at McNeilus Truck and Manufacturing. “Every aspect is unified, creating a vehicle that sets new standards of excellence. We look forward to showcasing this at Waste Expo and talking with customers about how it can take their business to the next level.”

Features and components of the Oshkosh fully integrated zero-emission electric refuse collection vehicle deliver numerous benefits across multiple categories.

Driver-first design  

The ergonomically designed pass-through cab incorporates a series of features and components to optimize comfort and safety including a Direct Vision Standard 5-star rating for visibility, as well as a 360-degree camera and radar system to provide enhanced visibility. Easy, consistent operation is delivered in part through Oshkosh’s Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), which are offered as standard equipment and provide complete vehicle coverage. Other features include a 15-inch step height for ease of getting in and out of the cab, a tilt and telescoping steering wheel with integrated controls, an aligned driver workspace, heated and ventilated seats, integrated operator controls in the seat, automated full-length sun shade, a 15-inch touchscreen and 12-inch cluster displays for streamlined controls, enhanced storage areas, plus 38% more space in the cab compared to the industry average, and vibration limits below the ISO standard.

Total cost of ownership

Simplified maintenance and parts inventory, operational efficiency, strong productivity, and extended service life all help contribute to improving total cost of ownership by up to an estimated 14%. Other key contributing factors include connected, intelligent telematics providing condition-based and predictive maintenance, tire pressure monitoring system, regenerative braking, battery preconditioning and more.

Performance and productivity

The design of the compaction unit is based on the proven performance and design of the McNeilus® Zero Radius™ Automated Side Loader. The vehicle’s zero radius lift arm – available in 6-foot or 12-foot reach, combined with a tight vehicle turning radius of up to 67 feet (depending on configuration) allow drivers to collect refuse without leaving the cab and to maneuver around cul-de-sacs and tight corners with ease. Additionally, integrated telematics systems provide data on fleet performance, route management, battery management system status and more for optimal operation.


Strategic placement of key serviceable components provides accessibility from the ground with no climbing or lifting equipment required and allows convenient daily checks and services. The Zero Radius lift arm’s rebuildable grabber assembly also enables easy replacement of high-wear items for optimal service life.


The purpose-built Oshkosh fully integrated zero-emission electric refuse collection vehicle helps deliver on customer sustainability goals. This vehicle meets or exceeds clean energy mandates and qualifies for EV incentives. The battery management system is optimized for refuse collection and enables all-day route collection on a single charge. Other features include a revolutionary e-axle architecture with a B10-rating of 300,000 miles, plus regenerative braking and battery preconditioning for outstanding range and compaction.

The Oshkosh fully integrated electric refuse collection vehicle will be produced in a new, state-of-the-art facility in Murfreesboro, Tenn., with the compaction assemblies manufactured at the McNeilus facility in Minnesota. To learn more about this new product category, go to https://integratedrefusecollector.com/.

About McNeilus

McNeilus Truck and Manufacturing is an industry leader in refuse truck bodies, OEM parts and customer support and service. Our lineup of front loaders, rear loaders and automated side loaders help customers handle routes efficiently. We offer a network of service centers and mobile service techs across the country, same-day parts availability, and a variety of alternative fuel systems and services for any refuse vehicle. Whatever your challenge, we’ve been down that route before. Visit: www.mcneiluscompanies.com/mcneilus-refuse/

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